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Introducing: Furrenz Natural and Healthy Treats

dog BARF feeding
More favourites your pets will love. And, they'll love you for them, too!

You know that Furrenz has the waggiest treats in Malaysia, right? You know they're locally sourced and locally produced -- top quality, human-grade treats that we lovingly produced to be healthy and tasty.
So what are you waiting for? Get some fresh new treats to tempt and reward your precious furkids!
Feed your dog nature’s way!

                         100% Natural
                         NO Preservatives
                         NO Chemicals
                         NO Colouring or Flavouring
                         NO Fillers
                         NO Heat Processing

"CHEESY PRETZELS" - 100% natural pork, dried pork with your dog's favourite tasty real cheese; in pretzel form! 10 braided pretzels per pack, weight varies

"PIG EAR" - 100% natural dried pork ears, 4 pieces per pack, weight varies

"PORK ROLLS' - pork skin, dried in long-lasting rolls, 150gm

"CHICKEN' - dried chicken with natural herbs, 80gm

"FISH' - dried anchovies coated with Longan Honey, 70gm

"PORK' - dried pork lungs with apple cider vinegar, 40gm

"QUACKERS' - 100% natural dried duck feet, 12 pieces per pack, weight varies

Note: 5% of all profits will be used to fund the rescue efforts of homeless dogs.